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Our approach to your solution
We work in a series of phases, and each phase has a design and planning period. Read more in our process examples.
Define the problem and brainstorm solutions.
Explore solutions, conduct market and industry research.
Prototype and test, re-evaluate our assumptions and solution.
Determine the real-world impact and options for the future.
Here’s just a few examples of our process
We spend a lot of time in our lab
Years of Experience in our lab
Dedicated Engineering & Lab Space (sq.ft.)
Number of Patents
Number of Finished Goods
  • GSSI Innovation Lab - Our Lab
    Our Lab

    With more than 15,000 square feet of dedicated engineering and lab space, our engineering work is central to advancing ground penetrating radar and ultra-wideband technology solutions. What you can imagine, we can implement.

  • GSSI Innovation Lab - Our Capabilities
    Our Capabilities

    GSSI Engineers leverage the newest technology and processes that allows them to design, prototype, and test ideas in-house. With 3D printers, state-of-the-art software, an advanced imaging lab, and custom testing facilities, we offer complete engineering solutions. Our people, methodology, and technology allow us to think broadly and act quickly.

Let’s Get to Work
We work with organizations on complex challenges. Below are the disciplines we provide, and the industries we wish to serve.
Our Disciplines:
Mechanical Design
Industrial Design
GPU Processing
UI/UX Design
Algorithm Development
RF Engineering
Antenna Design
Non-RADAR Sensor Integration
Sensor Fusion
Embedded Software
Project Management
Manufacturing Engineering
Our (Dream) Industries:
Material Handling
Autonomous Vehicles
Food & Beverage
Border Safety