FCC Information

Commencing October 15, 2002, all U.S. customers must register their antennas with the FCC. The following form may be used for this purpose:

Download Ground Penetrating Radar Coordination Notice and Equipment Registration Form

GSSI Transducer (Antenna) Status:

FrequencyModelU.S FCC IDCandadian IC
2.6 GHz52600QF7526008498A-52600
2.6 GHz52600SQF751018494A-52600
2.0 GHz62000-PalmQF7620008498A-62000
2.0 GHz42000SQF742000S8498A-42000S
2.0 GHz4105QF741058498A-4105
1.6 GHz51600SQF751008494A-51600S
1.5 GHz5100QF751008498A-5100
1.0 GHz5101QF751018498A-5101
1.0 GHz4108FQF74108F
900 MHz3101DQF73101D8498A-3101D
900 MHz3101A8498A-3101A
400 MHz5103QF75103
400 MHz5103AQF75103A8498A-5103A
400 MHz50400SQF750400S8498A-50400S
400 MHz50400QF7504008498A-50400
350 MHz350 HSQF7350HS8498A-350HS
350 MHz50350USQF750350US8498A-50350US
300/800 MHzD50300800QF7503008008498A-50300800
270 MHz5104QF751048498A-5104
270 MHz50270SQF750270S8498A-50270S
200 MHz5106QF751068498A-5106
200 MHz50200SQF750200S8498A-50200S
200 MHz50200HSQF750200HS 8498A-50200HS
1.6 GHzStructureScan MiniQF7MINISIR8498A-MINISIR
2.7 GHzStructureScan Mini XTQF7MINIXT8498A-MINIXT
270 MHzLifeLocator III PlusQF7270LL3P8498A-270LL3P

GSSI System Status
GSSI complies with FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A and Class B, RSS 220, and CE conformance: Regulatory Classifications

GPR Health and Safety Information
This certificate compares the emissions levels from GSSI GPR equipment to the OSHA recommendation for other ultra-wide band devices. Please contact your GSSI sales representative if you need additional information.

Download OSHA Certificate

Statement regarding the Use of 1600 MHz Antenna in Nuclear Power Plants

Notice for GSSI European Union Customers
Many of our products are CE Certified: Declaration of CE Conformance.

WEEE Recycling Information
GSSI is pleased to announce a recycling program for our European Union customers. At GSSI we recognize the importance of minimizing the environmental impacts of our products. We endeavor to meet your needs, not only when you purchase and use our products, but also when you are ready to dispose of them. This is why GSSI is actively pursuing the expanded use of environmentally friendly materials in all our products and why we have established a convenient recycling program.

As GSSI makes additional recycling facilities available for your use, we will post their locations and contact information on this page.

For current product recycling instructions and information, mail a request for recycling information to:
Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc., 40 Simon Street, Nashua, NH 03060 USA.