Our Solutions to Your Needs
We see pioneering ways in which our equipment is in use every day and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting technology to help you get the information you need. Find a solution that works for you.
  • GSSI Solutions - Concrete

    Cutting and coring experts and construction professionals require a reliable, non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring, and the ability to detect AC power and induced RF energy present in buried utilities.

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  • GSSI Solutions - Utility

    Utility locators, construction professionals, environmental firms and land surveyors need a reliable, non-destructive method to locate subsurface targets prior to digging, trenching, conducting site assessments and mapping.

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  • GSSI Solutions - Transportation

    Highway professionals, engineers and transportation departments require a safe, reliable and non-destructive method to evaluate roads and bridges. Ground Penetrating Radar technology allows them the ability to collect quantifiable data on transportation infrastructure.

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  • GSSI Solutions - Environmental

    GPR can delineate landfills and pathways for contaminant flow, as well as conduct hydrogeologic investigations such as water table mapping. GSSI offers innovative technology to support site assessment needs.

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  • GSSI Solutions - Geology & Geophysics

    GSSI provides the industry’s most reliable, state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar (georadar) systems and solutions.

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  • GSSI Solutions - Archaeology

    Archaeologists and remote sensing specialists around the world rely on GSSI ground penetrating radar equipment as a key tool for noninvasive site investigation.

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