As part of sustaining our utility products, the GSSI Engineer team sought to rethink GPR utility locating systems. UtilityScan® provides a rich feature set that redefines the level of performance available in a low-cost utility locating system. The newly designed UtilityScan combines nearly two decades of utility designation experience with today’s most innovative technology.
  • GSSI Innovation Lab - Process Example - UtilityScan - Imagine

    From the outset, the product design strategy was to create a more affordable utility locating system in a package that would be simple to manufacture, and would maintain the performance and rugged durability associated with higher end GPR utility locating equipment. Additionally, the team wanted to introduce new solutions to unmet needs.

  • Investigate

    The first step in redesigning the UtilityScan was to determine if we were meeting the industry’s needs. After numerous interviews and test cases, GSSI concluded that there were several opportunities to make a better, easier system. Each opportunity presented challenges to the design team (at all levels- electrical, mechanical, and software), because it required a complete overhaul of every component.

  • GSSI Innovation Lab - Process Example - UtilityScan - Implement

    The new UtilityScan features innovative technology never before available in the marketplace. The UtilityScan features a robust new wireless antenna that uses patented HyperStacking technology. The system is also equipped with sensor fusion; GPS is standard, and there is an optional LineTrac accessory that helps locate specific power sources (AC and induced RF) present in conduits. Additionally, the new model uses a tablet-based system and simplified app-based user interface. Weighing in at 34 pounds and IP65 rated, UtilityScan doesn’t compromise on rugged performance and size.

  • Impact

    The UtilityScan system was released at 2017 ConExpo. Offered with premium features at an entry-level price, this system is quickly becoming the standard in GPR utility locating. Users of the UtilityScan are located on 5 of the 7 continents.