PaveScan MDM

PaveScan MDM

With the PaveScan Mix Design Module (MDM), paving contractors can now be alerted immediately to changes in the mix. Since PaveScan MDM is sensitive to subtle changes in aggregate, mix, and moisture, comparing daily samples against approved mix designs makes any deviations apparent and helps to fix any problems before the mix is deployed in the field. With one five-minute lab test, users can accurately reveal problems before any need for silo dumps or other costly remediation.

PaveScan MDM also turns our PaveScan RDM system into a powerful new Quality Control (QC) tool for asphalt density assessment. PaveScan MDM creates a correlation between the dielectric value of the mix at different percent voids. This correlation is used by PaveScan RDM to show accurate density variability within the asphalt mat. This degree of process control means bridge decks and longitudinal joints can now be rolled to specification in real-time.
System Includes
  • 2 GHz Sensor with feet attached
  • Panasonic Toughpad G2 with MDM software installed
  • Panasonic Toughpad Docking Station with power adapter
  • Concentrator Box with power adapter
  • Delrin Measurement Blocks (2)
  • HDPE Verification Cylinder
  • Metal plate
  • Block locating bracket
  • 1.0 m Digital Sensor cable
  • m Digital Sensor to RJ45 cable
  • Transit case
  • User Manual
Powerful new QC tool for the lab and the paving site
Using the combination of PaveScan technologies can help avoid premature road failures such as raveling, cracking and deterioration along poorly compacted joints.
  • Improve Quality - Save Time & Money

    Improving the durability and longevity of your roads reduces maintenance costs and repaving cycles. If compaction problems occur from delays or paving train
    stoppages, QC managers can now fix pavement defects before it’s too late, saving time and money in the field. Avoid costly penalties, rip-ups and repaving with PaveScan technology.

  • Improve Safety

    Using PaveScan MDM and RDM gives paving contractors a
    comprehensive and accurate view into pavement quality without the expense, risk, and errors from spot coring. More importantly, reducing the need to core exposes fewer workers to the dangers of work zones.

  • Towards Coreless Compaction

    Coring is a destructive process that compromises the integrity of the road surface. Reducing or even eliminating the need to core means less cost, greater safety, and fewer potholes per mile.

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