SIR 30

SIR 30

The SIR® 30 is the next-generation high-performance multi-channel radar control unit. This system can collect up to eight channels of data simultaneously with uncompromised performance, making it ideal for transportation infrastructure, large-scale utility, geology, and mining applications.
  • Number of Channels

    2, 4 or 8

  • Antenna Capability

    Compatible with GSSI analog antennas

  • Weight

    2 Channel: 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs)
    4 Channel: 9.4 kg (21 lbs)
    8 Channel: 18.8 kg (41 lbs)

  • Storage Capacity

    900 GB

  • Optional Software
  • Accessories

    8 Channel Sync Kit

Typical Uses
The SIR 30 is typically used for:
  • Road structure assessment
  • Utility designation
  • Bridge deck inspection
  • Rail bed inspection
System Includes
  • SIR 30 Control Unit
  • AC power supply
  • Transit case
  • User Manual
  • 2- year warranty
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SIR 30 - Hero
Flexible, modular design with advanced features
The SIR 30 is a customizable control unit that offers advanced filters and display capabilities for real-time processing including migration, surface positioning, signal floor tracking and adaptive background removal.
  • SIR 30 - Feature 1
    Versatile Unit

    The SIR 30 has numerous mounting configurations depending on how it is needed for each job and the work environment. This system has full internal GPS capability, USB and ethernet ports for full data transfer.

  • SIR 30 - Feature 2
    Deliver Results

    The SIR 30 was designed for high-speed GPR data collection- capable of more than 5,792 scans per second across four channels.

  • Rugged Design

    The SIR 30 is built with an aluminum exterior and rubber bumpers, and sized for vehicle rack mounts. For operation in harsh environments, GSSI created the SIR 30E, a modified version of our popular SIR 30. The SIR 30E can collect up to two channels of data.

Data Examples
SIR 30 - Data Example 1
SIR 30 2 Channel Data

Using a 2 GHz horn antenna, the top channel records asphalt layer thickness. The bottom channel shows sub-base layer information, including a shallow utility, that was collected with a 400 MHz antenna.

SIR 30 - Data Example 2
SIR 30 4 Channel Data

Data illustrates multiple utilities at varying depth. Data was collected as a 4 channel 400 MHz antenna array system with a custom made (user provided) cart configuration.

Antenna SupportCompatible with all GSSI analog antennas
Number of ChannelsRecords data from 1 to 4 hardware channels simultaneously; two 4 channel systems can be connected to form an 8 channel system
Data StorageInternal memory: 900 GB, GPS data logged internally
Display ModesLinescan and O-scope. In Linescan display, 256 color bins are used to represent the amplitude and polarity of the signal
Operational ModesExternal laptop, standalone with external monitor and keyboard or remote command set
Data Acquisition
Data FormatRADAN® (.dzt)
Scan Rate IntervalUser-Selectable
Output Data Resolution32-bit
1-4 Channels @ 100 KHz PRFSamples | Max Rate (scans/Sec)
256 | 326 / 512 | 178 / 1024 | 93 / 2048 | 48 / 4096 | 24 / 8192 | 12 / 16,384 | 8
1-4 Channels @ 800 KHz PRFSamples | Max Rate (scans/Sec)
256 | 1449 / 512 | 990 / 1024 | 606 / 2048 | 341 / 4096 | 182 / 8192 | 94 / 16,384 | 48
Samples per Scan256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16,384
Time Range0-20,000 nanoseconds full scale, user-selectable Gain: Manual adjustment from -42 to +126 dB. Number of segments in gain curve is user-selectable from 1 to 8.
Standard Real-time FiltersLinescan and O-scope. Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) - Low and High Pass, vertical and horizontal Finite Impulse Response (FIR) - Low and High Pass, vertical and horizontal
Advanced Real-time FiltersMigration, Surface Position Tracking, Signal Floor Tracking, Adaptive Background Removal
External MarkerThree different inputs/codes: Antenna, Front panel, Accessory connector
Automatic System SetupsLinescan and O-scope. Storage of an unlimited number of system setup files for different survey conditions and/or antenna deployment configurations
LanguagesEnglish and Chinese
Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C external (14°F to 122°F)
Power260W max at 95-250VAC 50/60Hz with the AC supply or 30A max continuous at +10VDC to +28VDC
Transmit RateUp to 800 KHz (International), US/Canada and CE rates depend on antenna model
Available PortsAntenna inputs (2 or 4), Survey wheel, Marker, DC power input, Serial RS232 (GPS port), Sync connector, Accessory connector, HDMI video, Ethernet to PC, 4 USB ports
Dimensions17.7 x 13 x 5.1 in (45 x 33 x 13 cm)
Weight18.5 lbs (8.4 kg)
Relative Humidity<95% non-condensing
Storage Temperature-40°C to 60°C
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