200 HS Antenna

200 HS Antenna

Rugged, Wireless Low Frequency 200 MHz GPR System

GSSI introduces the GS Series, our next-generation family of high-performance antennas targeting applications that require deeper penetration depths. The first antenna in the series is the 200 HS. This digital, wireless antenna features a 200 MHz center frequency and employs GSSI’s proprietary HyperStacking® technology. This technology improves signal to noise performance and increases depth penetration under all soil conditions. The GS Series is ideal for geophysical, geotechnical, and environmental applications that require high reliability under challenging survey conditions.

  • Max Depth

    21 m (70 ft)

  • Antenna Frequency

    200 MHz

  • Weight

    17.9kg (39.6 lbs)

  • Storage Capacity

    SIR 4000: 32 GB
    Panasonic Toughpad G2: 512 GB

  • Optional Software

    RADAN 7

  • Accessories

    Wheel kit, GPS mount, Transit case, Survey wheel

Typical Uses
The GS Series is typically used for:
  • Water Table Mapping
  • Bedrock Profiling
  • Bathymetry
  • Sinkhole Areas
  • Stratigraphy
  • Deeper Utility Detection
  • Archaeological Investigations
GS Series Components
  • Controller: SIR® 4000 (with WiFi Module) or
    Panasonic® Toughpad G2
  • 200 HS Antenna
  • Tow Handle
  • Lithium-ion battery (4)
  • Dual-bay battery charger
Purpose built tools for the Geophysical Industry
The 200 MHz HyperStacking Antenna provides higher resolution data than previously available and greater depths at a lower frequency range.
  • Acquire Data Wirelessly

    Identify geophysical characteristics easily with the wireless 200 HS and HS Module. The HS Module connects the SIR 4000 or Panasonic Toughpad G2 to the antenna and allows the user to leverage a single HS Module across all GS Series antennas.

  • HyperStacking Technology & Improved Depth

    The GS Series uses our patented HyperStacking Technology to provide clearer data, from superficial features to deeper characteristics. Our 200 HS antenna achieves greater depth penetration, nearly double than conventional GPR antenna designs.

  • System Versatility

    The GS Series caters to new and existing users with two controller choices; SIR 4000 with a WiFi module, or Panasonic Toughpad tablet. IP 65 rated, the 200 HS antenna can withstand dust and is water resistant.

  • Advanced Features

    The GS Series incorporates advanced features designed for survey efficiency including an integrated GPS, and can accommodate an external GPS mount. Visualize data on the tablet with a GIS map mode. Use accessories to customize survey collection modes.

Data Examples
Integrated GIS

Tablet screen image of 2D GPR data indicitive of flood plain deposits located in the Northeast US (left) and geopgraphic information system (GIS) data (right).

Real-time Data Processing

Stratigraphic analysis of fluvial deposits in Northeastern, United States. Data collected with SIR 4000 and 200 HS antenna.

High-Resolution and Deeper Depth of Penetration

This deep (400+ ns) and detailed stratigraphic section revealed well-stratified glacio-lacustrine deltaic sets overlying likely glacial till and bedrock. This profile demonstrates the exceptional depth penetration of the 200 HS antenna, and also highlights the antenna’s excellent near-surface resolution. Profile from Alton, New Hampshire, USA.

200 HS Antenna
Center Frequency200 MHz
Max Depth21 m (70 ft)*
Battery Life4 hours
Environmental RatingIP65
VibrationMil-STD-810G Method 514.6C Category 9
Operating Temperature-10°C to 40°C external (14°F to 104°F)
Weight17.9kg (39.6 lbs)
Dimensions64.8 x 64.8 x 34.3 cm (25.5 x 25.5 x 13.5 in)
Data Acquisition
Data FormatRADAN® (dzt)
Output Data Format32-bit
Scan IntervalUp to 200 scans/sec
Number Of Samples Per Scan512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192
Operating ModesContinuous (time), Survey Wheel (distance triggered), or Point Mode
Time Range0-16,000 nanoseconds full scale, user-selectable Gain: manual adjustment from -42 to +126 dB Number of segments in gain curve is user-selectable from 1 to 8
Signal-to-Noise Ratio171 dB
Standard Real-Time FiltersInfinite Impulse Response (IIR) - Low and High Pass, vertical and horizontal
Advanced Real-Time FeaturesSurface Position Tracking, Signal Noise Floor Tracking, Adaptive Background Removal, Dynamic Gain Control
Internal GPS AccuracyAutonomous 2.5 m (8.2 ft), SBAS 2.0 m (6.6 ft)
External GPSBluetooth
Wireless Range15 m (50 ft)
Input/OutputUSB, rugged Ethernet, survey wheel and marker input, digital connector
* Under ideal soil conditions
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