Training School on Ground Penetrating Radar for Civil Engineering and Cultural Heritage Management

March 19, 2018, 2:25 pm

Rome, Italy

May 14-18, 2018

Sapienza University of Rome, University College of London, TU1208 GPR Association, and Associazione Italiana del Georadar are organizing the Training School “Ground Penetrating Radar for Civil Engineering and Cultural Heritage Management.” The course will be held in Italy, in the Engineering campus of Sapienza University of Rome (San Pietro in Vincolii). The course dates are May 14-18, 2018.

This Training School is targeted to civil and electronic engineers, archaeologists, geologists, geophysicists, early-career investigators and PhD/Masters students, interested in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology and methodology, and particularly in the use GPR for civil-engineering investigations, archaeological prospection, and cultural heritage preservation.

Dr. Michael Arvanitis, GSSI’s EMEA Sales Manager, will provide several systems for the practical sessions, including the new UtilityScan with the 350 MHz HyperStacking technology and the StructureScan Mini XT.



Credits// Author: GSSI

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