GSSI is a Founding Member of Dam Safety Group

May 25, 2021, 4:45 pm

Geometrics Inc., Kinemetrics, Inc., Robertson Geo, IRIS Instruments and GSSI have founded a new group called Dam Safety Group. This group provides the widest range of geophysical and seismic techniques and technologies to address non-invasive investigation, maintenance and monitoring of dams, embankments and levees.

Our technology can be rapidly deployed, provides an effective means to evaluate subsurface information, and contributes to continuous monitoring and condition assessment throughout a structure’s life. GPR can be cost-effectively integrated with other types of ground surveys to build a visual understanding of the overall subsurface of the site.

Facility managers and operators need accurate information on structural health to take decisive action when needed to prevent catastrophic incidents in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake monitoring systems can assist decision making by providing predictive data before an earthquake and to evaluate the structural integrity of the dam or levee immediately after an earthquake.

GSSI customers have been using ground penetrating radar systems for decades to conduct non-destructive dam investigations that provide information on sediment build up and leak or void detection.

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Credits// Author: GSSI

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