The GSSI Technical Support Team is Growing

August 9, 2021, 10:06 am

Providing industry-leading support to our customers has always been one of our most important and critical missions here at GSSI. Over the past year we’ve examined how to expand our technical support to build an even stronger, cohesive team encompassing Field Service, Training and Application Support. We have added new positions, both at our New Hampshire headquarters, as well as in Singapore, to ensure that we continue to deliver the comprehensive and timely support that you have come to expect.


The most recent addition to our GSSI technical support team is Lauren Couey. Lauren joined GSSI in July as a Technical Trainer. She was introduced to GPR and GSSI equipment while working toward her M.A. in Anthropology with an Archaeology concentration in 2014 at the University of Denver. Since then, Lauren has conducted numerous GPR surveys in Ireland, Australia and across the Southeast and Southwest United States. With the addition of Lauren to the training team, we will expand our online class offerings, allow for more onsite training classes and have another person for technical support calls.

We asked Lauren what she is looking forward to in her role at GSSI, “I am excited to have access to the latest and greatest in GPR technology and to collaborate with coworkers and customers who are pushing the limits of what radar can do.”


Myles Danforth joins GSSI in a newly created position as the Senior Technical Support Representative. Myles will provide support to our customers after the training and service teams have determined that an issue requires a more detailed approach to resolve; typically, but not limited to software and application support.

“I am incredibly excited to join the GSSI team! I had the privilege to use GSSI GPR equipment and software for over 6 years while I was working for a small geophysical company and I look forward to applying my knowledge to help customers make the most of this amazing technology,” said Myles.


Anoop Thomas worked for many years for Sea and Land Technologies, our representative in Singapore. He is well known and respected by many of us here at GSSI, as well as customers in the region. Anoop joins GSSI as a Technical Manager, and he will be providing application consultations, product recommendations and demonstrations to those who are new to GPR. And of course, Anoop will be offering training and post sales technical support as a local resource in the region.

“Anoop’s vast experience and familiarization with GSSI’s products, representatives and customers make him a tremendous asset to our efforts abroad,” said Robert Parrillo, International Sales Manager. “Having Anoop reside in Singapore will allow our customers to have a local resource in their time zone with email, phone calls and video conferencing.”

“I am delighted with my new role at GSSI, where I get to be part of a vibrant and knowledgeable team. I look forward to meeting new customers, understanding their needs and helping them select the right GPR product for their business. Having a local office will allow me to provide not only product demonstrations, but hands-on training classes and support in a timely manner,” said Anoop.

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