Rep Spotlight: Codevintec Italiana

October 11, 2022, 9:04 am

We are pleased to share the story of our long-standing Representative in Italy, Codevintec Italiana srl, as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

We can’t believe it has already been 50 years! How we started seems so long ago now:

After being discharged from the Italian Navy to be closer to his family, Franco Faccioli needed a challenge for his talent and energy. As a result, he founded Codevintec Italiana in 1973.

50 years on, Codevintec’s mission still is to introduce and spread new geophysical technologies in Italy. In 1973, the company supplied the first Interactive Graphic System in Europe (just the 2nd in the world), and in 1983 introduced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology in Italy – the very first GPR system for civil applications. This GPR system was a product of GSSI, the first step in a wonderful, continuing collaboration.

GPR has continued to grow and change over the past 30 years, with new improvements and ideas leading to new applications and modes. Our customers’ narratives include fascinating surveys in castle and ancient churches, monitoring bridges and infrastructure, sensitive UXO or forensic research, and public safety investigations.

A Memorable Survey

One amazing GPR survey was conducted at Trajan’s Markets in Rome. It was incredible what we found: a huge, hidden world under the ground! It was like a journey through time: using the UtilityScan Pro system with a 400 Mhz antenna, we were able to see centuries of ancient history, such as villas, tombs, and ancient warehouses.

Partnership with GSSI

Last summer, one of our engineers came to Nashua. He met the GSSI staff and worked with the Field Service department to help improve our technical assistance and care offered to our GPR users.

Our lab has one goal: to allow professionals to do their best work, with the best instruments, with the best support.

1973 was a long time ago, but those roots are still so strong in our everyday business life



October, 2022: Staff of Codevintec Italiano srl

October, 2022: Staff of Codevintec Italiano srl

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